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This area of the website is for YOUR EYES ONLY!! Information is password protected so only our NGE signed dealers and representatives have access. Dealer information will be available on line to all registered personnel. The intention is to readily provide all necessary documents to facilitate complete understanding of the Mat Hoist® systems; thus, enabling you to understand the factors affecting design and construction through installation of the finished product in the school.

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Dealer and Representative Expansion  If you are interested please respond to the program that interests you.
  • New Dealers - -  Gym equipment sales:  Typically, the Mat Hoist® Systems are an added piece of equipment to your existing lines of athletic equipment.  Sales can include both new construction and existing schools.  NGE, Inc. works closely with new people from beginning to end to establish a comfort zone of confidence in the total process from bidding through installation.  A favorable dealer price is the sole basis for your income, and as with any equipment sales you determine profit.
  • New Representative - - This sales category is designed primarily to compliment your present line of products to existing schools.  A common scenario is the sale of a wrestling mat, and the mat representative approaches the school for the possible need of a Mat Hoist® Storage system.  Responsibilities to  NGE may involve  supplying photos of structural steel, measurements helping determine location and attachment of the hoist plus paper work for purchase orders.  NGE assumes responsibility of pricing to the school via you based upon this information as well as installation attachment to the building steel and other needs that the building dictates. A representative's income is based on commission.   
  • Installer - - Installers are established professionals accustomed to installing gymnasium equipment, and wish to expand to include the Mat Hoist® Storage systems.  Installers simply wish to be listed with NGE, Inc. for  consideration on bidding for future Mat Hoist projects.                                                                                                                    

  • For further information click the desired title or call NGE, Inc at 1-888-54-HOIST




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