Architects: Spec the Mat Hoist 1000 Wrestling Mat Storage System

Standard Views of Mat Hoist 1000

    MH1000 front view Pg. 01

    MH1000 Side view Pg. 02

Mat Hoist 1000 Attached using wall bracket

    MH1000 Truss Wall Design mount Pg. 03

CL-5 Unit clamp views

    MH1000 CL5 unit clamp front view Pg. 04

    MH1000 CL5 unit clamp side view Pg. 05

CL-7 and CL-7W suspension clamp views

    MH1000 CL-7 Clamp Pg. 06

    MH1000 CL-7W Clamp Pg. 7

Top View of Mat Hoist 1000

    MH1000 top view Pg. 08

Mat Hoist 1000 Installations using added steel (ST-1)

    MH1000 ST1 spanning 2 truss Pg. 09

    MH1000 ST1 welded to top chord of 2 truss Pg. 10

    MH1000 ST1 spanning 2 truss clamped with CL-7W Pg. 11

    MH1000 ST1 suspended from 2 truss then anchored into wall with second ST-1 Pg. 12

    MH1000 ST1 suspended from 2 truss then bolted to wall with seconjd ST-1 Pg.13

    MH1000 ST1 welded to top chord of truss and anchored into wall Pg. 14

    MH1000 ST1 bolted to bottom chord of truss and anchored into wall Pg. 15

    MH1000 ST1 clamped to bottom chord of truss anchored into wall Pg. 16

Mat Hoist Installations on existing large I beams

    MH1000 CL-1 clamp to I beam Pg. 17

    MH1000 CL-5 unit clamp mirrored to I beam Pg. 18

Mat Hoist installations using added steel to span truss system

    MH1000 ST-1 spanning 2 truss top view Pg. 19

    MH1000 ST-1 bolted to ST-1 welded to bottom chord and anchored into wall Pg. 20

Mat Hoist installations perpendicular to existing truss

    MH1000 CL5 Clamp Mirror Pg. 21

    MH1000 CL5 to 2 CL7 to Truss Pg. 22

Electrical wiring diagram for MH 1000 1 1/2 hp. motor 

    MH1000 Electrical up-down Need a Quote? The Mat Hoist®