Trademark Infringement:

We are the oldest company manufacturing wrestling mat storage and transportation systems. Many wrestling coaches, athletic directors and school administrators are calling us with problems concerning their mat storage system. They think their system is our Mat Hoist® wrestling mat storage system, because our registered trade name has been “bootlegged”. We will certainly appreciate it if you guard against this practice by others.

Please be careful with specifications concerning the Mat Hoist® wrestling mat storage system. Our Mat Hoist® wrestling mat storage system name has been advertised nationwide for thirty plus years now, and is registered in the United States patent office. I do not private label nor manufacture the Mat Hoist® wrestling mat storage system products for anyone or any gym equipment manufacturer, including but not limited to Porter®, Jay Pro®, Aalco®, Draper®, ADP Lemco®, or Performance Sports®! NGE does not manufacturer the Mat Lifter®, the Mat Mover®, the Mat Rack®, or the SecureLift®.  I do allow all gym equipment dealers to market, sell and install our equipment after contracting to do so. They must follow our suggestions, knowledge and guidelines to assure satisfaction. Contracted dealers are listed under our dealer locator tab.


• Manufacture a two (2) motor/two cable lifting system
• Need a motor-to-motor “synchronizer” to keep the load bar level
• Use only two (2) cables on a 20’ length system
• Use pulleys on a load bar to double mechanical lifting power
• Use or need a pricey, untested “safety” strap gadget
• Use warning “bells, whistles and other unnecessary gadgets
• Use remote controls

I do allow gym equipment dealers to use the Mat Hoist® wrestling mat storage system trade name with restrictions; however they are not allowed to mislead the customer and clone/copy with a cheap version. This product must to be safe. Period! The unit weighs approximately one ton plus up to 4000 lbs. of wrestling mat. This product must be constructed to not fall nor lose its’ load in a lifetime of use as well as be trouble free. I have Mat Hoist® wrestling mat storage systems that are 30 years old with no maintenance problems. Testimonials are available in reference to their reliability.

Some of our loyal dealers have asked us to manufacture a two motor lifting system to meet the specifications of others. I will NOT manufacture a two motor lift system because each motor will lift at different speeds and will not be in balance at all times. Companies that are manufacturing two motor systems need a motor synchronizer for adjustment. Apparently this has not proven satisfactory, because we receive calls seeking answers on how to avoid repeated expensive service calls to resynchronize. I have manufactured over 700 Mat Hoist® wrestling mat storage systems nationwide for 30 years and have a 100% safety record! The Mat Hoist® wrestling mat storage system as the specification should be the standard, because of its proved history. Need a Quote? The Mat Hoist®