The new NGE, INC. WEBSITE has been created to provide you with decision making information about our Mat Hoist® wrestling mat storage systems.  It is our educational effort to briefly present our history, our quality, benefits of the Mat Hoist® mat storage system.  The NGE Mat Hoist® wrestling mat storage system benefits your program and the school in multiple ways as is entailed within this document.


     5 minute Setup and Breakdown!


Set-up time may involve five minutes with the simple turn of the key instead of perhaps forty-five minutes of hand carrying mats.  Breakdown is just as simple: roll the mat up in our heavy duty vinyl sling, and simply turn the key again!

     Eliminate Mat reconditioning costs, and keep your mat 


Floor storage frequently results in damage, especially if it is an attractive nuisance when students have frequent access to it.  Obviously, the ideal situation is to have a competition mat stored in a Mat Hoist® wrestling mat storage system suspended from the ceiling steel or a wall of the gymnasium.  Mat damage from carrying is also eliminated, and more importantly no liability exists due to injuries derived from carrying heavy mats.    

     Minimize liability on your school, and keep your wrestlers 


The Mat Hoist® ceiling wrestling mat storage system in the gymnasium replaces the typical situation of the wrestlers’ hand carrying the mats to and from the gymnasium. This “normal” situation varies with each school, but those of us involved with this carrying scenario are aware it may involve carrying mats through the cold, over rails, up/down bleachers, through halls, around tight corners, and through narrow doors. All too frequently damage to the mat results, but worse is the possible liability type injuries to the carriers. Need a Quote? The Mat Hoist®