Product Awareness

The Mat Hoist® mat storage system was designed because of my competition days, and continued attachment to our great sport - - wrestling !! I competed through college which provided me with an awareness of needs for our sport. From that, the original mat hoist was designed with the concept to prolong “mat life” and personnel safety, with an ultimate design for machine durability, operationally simple, safe and cost effective. Over thirty years of use has fulfilled these five considerations. Especially the cost effectiveness, because it is maintenance free, mats are not subject to storage damage, AND the safety design has never failed.

Other manufacturers eventually saw the need. Some infringed on my rights and trademark registration, and then they had to modify resulting in an inferior redesigned unit. Others avoided infringement by using a two motor system which at this point is reported to not lift in a balanced state nor is it maintenance free.

We are the oldest company manufacturing wrestling mat storage and transportation systems. Many wrestling coaches, athletic directors and school administrators are calling us with problems concerning their mat storage system. They think their system is our Mat Hoist® mat storage system, because our registered trade name has been “bootlegged”. We will certainly appreciate it if you guard against this practice by others. Please be careful with specifications concerning the Mat Hoist® wrestling mat storage system. Our Mat Hoist® mat storage system name has been advertised nationwide for thirty plus years now, and is registered in the United States patent office. I do not private label nor manufacture the Mat Hoist® mat storage system products for anyone or any gym equipment manufacturer, including but not limited to Porter®, Jay Pro®, Aalco®, Draper®, ADP Lemco®, or Performance Sports®! NGE does not manufacturer the Mat Lifter®, the Mat Mover®, the Mat Rack®, or the SecureLift®. I do allow all gym equipment dealers to market, sell and install our equipment after contracting to do so. They must follow our suggestions, knowledge and guidelines to assure satisfaction. Contracted dealers are listed under our dealer locator tab.


In new construction, architects do respond to a school request for a mat hoist, but typically may go with a package bid from one company for all athletic equipment UNLESS you are insistent for a specific brand and model. You must specify Mat Hoist® mat storage system by NGE early in the project when you have determined NGE as your preference .

We still have problems as some manufacturers are using the term mat hoist, and it is being accepted as ours. The point is—do not be led astray by innuendo of another company. Architects love the phrase “or equal”. In the mat hoist business none are equal if for no other reason than they have not been safety tested as ours has undergone. Be safe, be product satisfied, and economically oriented as thirty years of Mat Hoist® mat storage system use has proven. Need a Quote? The Mat Hoist®