Protects Mats

The Mat Hoist® Wrestling Mat Storage System tops conventional storage methods by eliminating the risks. This is done simply by storing your wrestling and gymnastics mats at ceiling level, leaving gym floors free for other activities, and reducing damage to the mat. Unless you have a practice room, mats are usually stored in hallways, closets, stages, bleachers, and gym floors. This ties up valuable space provided for other usage, in addition to damaging the mat when it is moved. Movement through doorways cuts multiple V-shaped gouges in the vinyl surface and core of the mat. The Mat Hoist® wrestling mat storage system solves these problems simply and easily. Just roll your mat into the one-piece sling. Attach the sling to the steel load bar and turn the key until the system automatically stops. The key switch is centrally located so the entire process can be viewed during movement. The entire storage operation takes only minutes.

Protects Student/Athletes

The Mat Hoist® wrestling mat storage system takes the danger out of moving wrestling and gymnastics mats by lifting them to be stored at ceiling level. Present procedures require an army of untrained student/athletes to maneuver approximately 1,700 lbs. of mat across bleachers, through doorways, and over other dangerous obstacles. With the Mat Hoist® wrestling mat storage system, there is no heavy lifting and balancing on bleachers. Just a turn of the key and the operation is done safely!

Protects Institutions

This all means protection for the institution. By avoiding the chance of injury to student/athletes, the Mat Hoist® wrestling mat storage system reduces risks of liability for the school, and eliminating risks is essential.

Product Awareness

We are the oldest company manufacturing wrestling mat storage and transportation systems. Many wrestling coaches, athletic directors and school administrators are calling us with problems concerning their wrestling mat storage system. They think their system is our Mat Hoist® wrestling mat storage system, because our registered trade name has been “bootlegged”. We will certainly appreciate it if you guard against this practice by others.

Please be careful with specifications concerning the Mat Hoist® wrestling mat storage system. Our Mat Hoist® wrestling mat storage system name has been advertised nationwide for thirty plus years now, and is registered in the United States patent office. I do not private label nor manufacture the Mat Hoist® wrestling mat storage system products for anyone or any gym equipment manufacturer, including but not limited to Porter®, Jay Pro®, Aalco®, Draper®, ADP Lemco®, or Performance Sports®! NGE does not manufacturer the Mat Lifter®, the Mat Mover®, the Mat Rack®, or the SecureLift®.  I do allow all gym equipment dealers to market, sell and install our equipment after contracting to do so. They must follow our suggestions, knowledge and guidelines to assure satisfaction. Contracted dealers are listed under our dealer locator tab. Need a Quote? The Mat Hoist®