Cost Factors: Prorated Savings

We are aware of many instances of mats being used over twenty years simply because the mat was not subject to damage. One can arrive at some approximate per year costs for the combination of a full size mat(s) stored in our hoist.

Usage Years


Mat Hoist ® Model 500


New Mat


Normal Reconditioning @ 7 Year Intervals












Probably discarded as too hard due to repeated reconditioning




“ “


One could build a small room in which to store a three piece mat on the floor costing approximately $32,000 according to architects. And, then the rolled mats probably become oblong during storage, and perhaps still subject to damage if school personnel start “throwing” other items into this “special” room!

All too frequently coaches relate, “My budget can't cover that expense”. By comparison, does basketball, volleyball and physical education budget the sanding and refinishing of “their” floor?

Initial cost for the Mat Hoist ® should be a facilities cost --not a wrestling budget nor a booster club expense -- because, it becomes a part of the facilities the same as floors, basketball boards, boilers, etc. Need a Quote? The Mat Hoist®