Protects Mats

The Mat Hoist┬« Storage System tops conventional storage methods by eliminating the risks.  This is done simply by storing your wrestling and gymnastic mats at ceiling level, leaving gym floors free for other activities, and reducing damage to the mat.  Unless you have a practice room, mats are usually stored in hallways, closets, stages, bleachers, and gym floors.  This ties up valuable space provided for other usage, in addition to damaging the mat when it is moved.  Movement through doorways cuts multiple V-shaped gouges in the vinyl surface and core of the mat.  The Mat Hoist ┬« solves these problems simply and easily.  Just roll your mat into the one-piece sling.  Attach the sling to the steel load bar and turn the key until the system automatically stops.  The key switch is centrally located so the entire process can be viewed during movement.  The entire storage operation takes only minutes. Need a Quote? The Mat Hoist®